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Announcing the 2018-2019 Monthly Meeting Series

Sharon Taylor, MD, President, is pleased to announce the 2018-2019 monthly meeting series for the Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society (POS).  Monthly meetings begin in September and conclude February, with the               Annual Meeting scheduled for March 29, 2019.  

Registration for the January 10, 2019 meeting will open December 15th. 


      Thank you to Regeneron and Spark Therapeutics for providing support of this program. 




    Jill A. Foster, MD

        Medical Director of Plastic Surgery Ohio, a division of Ophthalmic Surgeons and Consultants, Inc.


      Thank you to Allergan for support of this program.




55th Annual Meeting - Wallace L.M. Alward, MD 39th Harvey E. Thorpe Lecturer

     40th Annual Ophthalmic Personnel Meeting 

Members will receive the monthly meeting notice by email and each meeting notice will be posted

 on the website. 

Registration for each meeting is required.

Founding co-director of the Johns Hopkins Microsurgery  Advanced Design Laboratory.

      Internationally recognized clinician, surgeon, and educator. His special interests include macular surgery,

      diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and the development of surgical devices and techniques


CME Transcripts will be available AT  THE END OF THE ACADEMIC YEAR (June, 2019).  A yearly transcript, comprised of meetings from September, 2018 through March, 2019 will be emailed to members in June of 2019.  

If you have a question regarding your CME Transcript, please contact Nadine Popovich at

2018 - 2019 PAST MEETINGS

Debra Goldstein, MD (left) with Pamela Rath, MD (who invited Dr. Goldstein) and Sharon Taylor, MD, President. 

Thank you to Carl Zeiss Meditec and Genentech for co-sponsoring the meeting. 

Shakeel R. Shareef, MD (left) with Sharon L. Taylor, MD and Ian Conner, MD, PhD. (right). Dr. Shareef was the guest speaker for the October 4 meeting. Thank you to Dr. Conner who extended the invitation to Dr. Shareef and to Alcon for sponsoring the meeting. 

Steven G. Safran, MD (center) pictured with Deepinder Dhaliwal, MD (left) and Sharon L. Taylor, MD (right). 

Dr. Safran opened the 2018-2019 POS monthly meeting series with two outstanding and entertaining lectures to a robust crowd.  Following the first lecture, Julia Kuhn, MD, Resident at the University of Pittsburgh Eye Center, presented "A Case of Watery Eyes:  Approaching Ocular Surface Discomfort" for review and discussion. Thank you to Dr. Dhaliwal for inviting Dr. Safran.  The September meeting served as a Vendor Appreciation. Exhibitors who sponsored the 2018 Annual meeting were invited to network with members during the social portion of the evening.

Society hosts 2nd Annual Ophthalmology Community Wet Lab: MIGS and MORE 

The Pittsburgh Ophthalmology Society hosted the 2nd Annual Ophthalmology Community Wet Lab: MIGS and MORE.  Two separate sessions, an introduction and advanced techniques, were held at the UPMC Eye Center – Eye and Ear Institute May 29 and June 13.   Thank you to the following companies who were instrumental (pun intended) in providing equipment, support staff and teaching assistance for each 2-1/2 hour program: Alcon, Allergan, Bausch and Lomb, Glaukos, IanTech and New World Medical.  We also thank UPMC Eye and Ear for use of the wet lab for this worthwhile endeavor. 

A maximum of 9 physicians attended each session where they had opportunity to participate in dry and wet labs for iLoop, iStent, Kahook blade, CyPass, and pars plana anterior vitrectomy with and without trocars. One-on-one learning and coaching was available, and each person was able to self-direct learning and practice opportunities. 

Sharon Taylor, MD and Ian Conner, MD, PhD served as course directors and initiated the program offering.  The directors, industry instructors, and participants all shared their expertise and pearls of wisdom with their colleagues.  

 Comments from participants were uniformly positive and the Society looks forward to offering sessions in 2019.  While we always plan to have vitrectomy practice available, we also welcome suggestions for future wet lab topics or for other educational sessions members would like to see offered.  If you have a skill set others would benefit from learning and practicing, please let us know.  Submit suggestions to Nadine Popovich, administrator, at

Thank you to the following who provided program support:


Society Mission

To act as the voice of ophthalmologic medicine in the Pittsburgh area, to serve as patient advocate in promoting preventive eye care, quality medical and surgical care and rehabilitative services for individuals with ophthalmologic diseases and to advance the knowledge, science and practice of ophthalmology, to assist in the improvement of the quality of ophthalmologic medicine and training therein, and to promote integrity in the practice of ophthalmic medicine.

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